【 OVERSEA ORDER 海 外 買 家 訂 單 】


  1. 欲寄送至【 星馬中港澳地區 】以外的甜心,請務必在下標商品之後,進入結帳台中勾選〼國際 非星馬中港澳地區:

    進入結帳台時請勾選〼國際 非星馬港澳地區



    ※註1:國際運費的部分PUREE是以代收的立場為買家服務,以實支實付的方式為大家收取,差額會使用如上述多退少補的方式,買家在收到包裹時也可以在提單上看到EMS實際收取的運費,因此為了避免補運費的過程延誤買家出貨,國際運 費以平均值840元為基準。

  2. 欲寄送至【 星馬中港澳地區 】的甜心, 請務必在下標商品之後, 進入結帳台中勾選 〼國際 星馬中港澳地區:

    進入結帳台時請勾選 〼國際星馬中港澳地區

  3. 退貨說明


  4. ★特別說明
    順豐寄往中國(並非港澳地區)的包裹,至2015/01/01起寄,包裹內只要有鞋類商品,就得附上購買人的"彩色身分證影本",且運費有所調升,請洽順豐官網;抑或可改中國EMS寄出,請改選擇【非 星馬港澳地區】運費採先付款,多退少補的方式。


International postage

We sincerely appreciate your support and provide
more convenient international shipment. Regarding
the shipping fee, we charge the actual postage as the
shipping companies charge. To ensure your rights,
please read the following details carefully.

For the customers from
Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, China,
please select星馬中港澳地區 as shipping term. After
all the items you purchase are in our stock, we will send
out the parcel by SF EXPRESS (順豐快遞), and the
shipping will be collected by receiver in local currency.

For the oversea customers from other countries,
please select 〼國際 非星馬港澳地區
(except Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, China)
as shipping term.

The system will add 840NTD as postage in the amount
of the order; after all the items are in the stock, we will
send out your parcel by EMS.Please note 840 NTD is
estimated amount.

If the estimated postage is more than 840NTD, we will
arrange shipment directly and inform you the AWB# and
the balance money by email. You can ask us to refund
or deposited it in your account If the estimated postage is
no enough, we will inform you the deficiency. Please log in
the order system to make up the deficiency, after that please
mails us so that we can arrange shipment.

P.S. For customer’s convenience, we withhold and pay out
the postage but for any overpayment will be refunded or a
supplemental payment for any deficiency as mentioned above.

You can see the certain postage on the AWB when receive
the package. Hence we suggest that you can place no less
than 1,000 NTD as the international postage, in order to avoid
the procedure of make- up payment.

About returning goods:

  1. Due to overseas shipping takes long time, returning or exchanging goods is not allowed in Puree store. Please double check the sizes and colors of your purchasing items before making payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. We strictly inspect the quality of items. Before arranging shipment we thoroughly check the content of the package again to avoid any mistakes. You may feel at ease when shopping in Puree store.