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(以上國家配送物流為順豐速運,運費的部分由收件人到付。收貨時直接將運費付款給派送人員即可) ※




此金額為粗估算之金額,若實際運費 < 買家實際付款運費金額,我們將會直接寄出包裹並通知買家提單號碼及運費差額,並由買家決定將差額作退款或是轉為購物金。

若實際運費 > 買家實際付款金額,我們將主動聯絡買家告知差額,並且建立在系統中建立補差額的訂單,請買家收到通知之後,直接登入系統填單補付款完成,並且來信告知小幫為您安排出貨。





International postage

We sincerely appreciate your support and provide more convenient international shipment. Regarding the payment term, we only accept credit card and customers will pay as you use. To ensure that your interests , please read the following detail carefully.

For, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, we will ship by SF express (順豐快遞), and the shipping fee will be freight collet which means buyer will pay by cash to the deliveryman by local currency

For other countries, we will ship by EMS. To save your time and more efficient shipment, please read the following step.

1.     After adding all the items you like to the cart , please add this estimated postage to the cart also, then proceed the normal step to check out. Your final amount will include the estimate postage.
2.     When all the products arrive in our stock we will arrange the shipment immediately and get to know the actual postage that EMS charges.
3.     If the estimated postage is more than you have paid in advance, we will send out the parcel directly; inform you the AWB# and the balance money by email. You can ask us to refund or deposited it in your account
4.     If the estimated postage is no enough, we will inform you the deficiency. Please log in the order system to make up the deficiency, after that please mails us so that we can arrange shipment.


P.S. For customer’s convenience, we withhold and pay out the postage but for any overpayment will be refunded or a supplemental payment for any deficiency as mentioned above. You can see the certain postage on the AWB when receive the package. Hence we suggest that you can place no less than 840 NTD as the international postage, in order to avoid the procedure of make- up payment delay the shipping time.